Electronic Health Records System for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists
Put together a more complete picture of your student to better serve their needs​

Electronic Health Records usually contain the medical and treatment history of a patient along with a broader view of patient care.
Yoga teachers and therapists also gather information about their students, including their medical history, assessments, evaluations, and goals and make session notes, lifestyle recommendations, and yoga practices.


These bits of information are like pieces of a puzzle: each one of them has value, but they only reveal their true significance when placed in the context of other pieces. Just as a puzzle comes together to reveal a beautiful, complex image, the bits of information you collect and record about your students come together to form a more complete picture of these individuals who seek your services.

Collect your students' data, assess it through the yogic lens, create your plan of action, and keep track of their progress

Create student profile

Send Liability Waiver and HIPAA Notice

Send Intake Form

Record Structural Observation

Make notes of the first session

Set goals and add Session Notes

Design sequences for home practice

Conduct Assessments

Electronic record-keeping doesn’t have to be a daunting task.
Choosing a record keeping system specifically designed to meet the needs of yoga teachers and yoga therapists is the best way to remove unnecessary stress and provide better care to students. By following our simple guidelines, prompts, and suggestions, you can quickly streamline your record-keeping process.

Once you are organized, you can focus on what really matters – helping your students heal and grow!

Make yoga sequences for your classes and private sessions ​

Design yoga practices with images of poses, breathing practices, and mudras

Modify sequences from our large collection of predesigned yoga practices

Select most effective poses by body areas

Customize any pose with built-in pose editor or add your own poses

Swap between different versions of each pose with a click of a button

Everything you need
to organize your workflow, better serve your students, and protect your records

Create student profiles, make custom forms, conduct student assessments, set goals 


Drag and drop stick figure images to create unique yoga practices, modify class templates, edit pose images


Record the contents of your sessions, track student’s response, evaluate progress, list homework assignments


Comply with the regulations and conditions set forth by HIPAA to protect your students’ privacy


Protect your records with file encryption, firewall protection, and secure log in with optional two-factor authentication

Additional perks of membership
Get inspired and connect to like-minded yoga professionals

As a Sequence Wiz member, you will get access to an extensive library of educational resources to deepen your professional skills and educate your students. The library includes exclusive video series, pose close-ups, print handouts, real-life case studies, and an audio library. 

Join our community to share your expertise, connect with like-minded professionals, and stay inspired. Surround yourself with smart, professional, and intuitive people who are growing the field of yoga therapy and actively building their yoga therapy practices.

Create your own eco-system for your yoga school with School Hubs
Share files and teach your trainees how to collect, keep, and create Electronic Health Records for their students

Easily make and exchange yoga sequences, intake and assessment forms, assignments, quizzes, and other files between the School Administrators, Mentors, and Trainees to help Trainees learn better and faster.​

Here is what our current members are saying ​

I tried out your new student management system, I thought it was amazing. I love that it incorporates helpful handouts and guides, the short practice videos, facility to track payments, and useful intake forms, all of which then get populated onto the system.

Arianna G.

Yoga teacher and therapist

I often write out my yoga practices on a note pad and sometimes just on loose pieces of paper. They are usually messy stick figures with notes beside them. They are often scattered about on my desk, or stuck into a file folder, and misplaced. I’ll use the practice I developed, but often find I lose track of it after I practice it or teach it. Organization is not my strong suit! With Sequence Wiz, I can keep My practices more organized, & easy to find. I can even send a nice & neat cope to my students, rather than my scribbled notes.

Ann N.

Yoga teacher and therapist

SequenceWiz is very straightforward and great for my purposes!

Kaitlyn M.

Yoga therapist

I am a big fan of SequenceWiz! I love the Health Records system, as well as all of the articles and other resources you provide. Thank you.

Mikah H.

Yoga teacher

I love that I can create my own sequence, and that I can add my logo. I think that is a really complex to create your own from scratch, I guess is just practice.

Jennyfer B.

Yoga teacher

It looks professional and it is nice to have the option of giving a handout to clients.

Helen P.

Yoga teacher and therapist

I like that you can customise poses.


Yoga teacher

SequenceWiz helps me organize my thoughts and plans so that I can best serve my group. I don’t have to start from “scratch”

Marilyn D.

Yoga teacher

I love the ease of being able to create a class and make adaptations to suite individual needs for individual students, group classes as well as my own personal practice.

Lucia M.

Yoga teacher and therapist

Stick figures in Sequence Builder generally easy to work with and I can save poses and descriptions to use in other practices.

Nancy H.

Yoga teacher
How Sequence Wiz can make your professional life easier​​
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