Sequence Wiz electronic health records system for yoga therapists

Design effective practices with yoga sequence builder

Yoga sequence builder helps you design yoga practices online using customizable stick figure images.

It provides all the tools you need to support your students’ learning processes (and your own!)

Design classes and private yoga sessions quickly and easily

  • Drag and drop poses and other images.
  • Place them in columns or rows.
  • Move them around with ease.
  • Copy and delete individual poses or entire rows any way you like.
  • Save entire rows with images and text to Favorites to use in any sequence.

Unleash your creativity in yoga practice design!

Edit any pose with the built-in pose editor or add your own poses
Add preloaded vinyasas, breathing techniques, and mudras to your sequence
Choose a body area and pick the poses you want from the list of suggested options
Swap between different versions of each pose with the click of a button

Modify any sequence from an extensive library of quality predesigned sequences

Many sequences are illustrated with yoga practice videos

Regulate your physiology: Standing Five Vayus practice
Take the load off your spine and strengthen your core
Yoga for happy bones for active adults with osteoporosis

Save time and effort by using our templates

Select any template you like, copy it to your sequences, and make any changes you like to manifest your vision and accommodate your students

Get creative with your sequence handouts

Use any sequence in many different ways to help your students and grow your practice. You can use them for yourself, your students, your marketing, or your yoga school.


Enjoy other perks of Sequence Wiz membership


Examples of recent work with clients by seasoned yoga therapists with suggestions on best strategies


In-depth content on special yogic techniques, teaching yoga to beginners, and working with private yoga clients


Brief educational articles on how to design yoga practices and use yoga to work with body, energy, and mind


Detailed information about individual poses, including body positioning, desired effects, and pose adaptations