Sequence Wiz electronic health records system for yoga therapists


Organize your yoga teaching practice to better serve your students

Electronic Health Records System

Sequence Wiz is a secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic health records (EHR) system for yoga therapists.

  • Gather information about your yoga students with Forms
  • Store all documentation in Student Profile
  • Analyze what you discover with Ayurvedic, Energetic, and Personality Assessments
  • Create a treatment plan in Goals
  • Chronicle your student’s progress in Session Notes
  • Keep track of students’ attendance and payments 

Put together a more complete picture of your students to better serve their needs

Yoga Sequence Builder

Yoga sequence builder assists yoga teachers and yoga therapists in creating yoga practices online using customizable stick figure images.

  • Design yoga practices with images of poses, breathing practices, and mudras
  • Modify sequences from our large collection of predesigned practices
  • Select the most effective poses by body areas
  • Customize any pose with a built-in pose editor
  • Add your own poses and images
  • Swap between different versions of each pose with a click of a button

Design effective yoga sequences and empower your students to practice yoga at home

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Store all your information securely


Protect your students’ private information.


Shield your files from malicious web traffic.


Safeguard your records from unauthorized access.


Ensure that others cannot log into your account.

Sequence Wiz members get access to an extensive library of educational resources 


Examples of recent work with clients by seasoned yoga therapists with suggestions on best strategies 


In-depth content on special yogic techniques, teaching yoga to beginners, and working with private yoga clients


Brief educational articles on how to design yoga practices and use yoga to work with body, energy and mind


Detailed information about individual poses, including body positioning, desired effects, and pose adaptations

No commitments. No credit card needed to start your 14-day trial. Learn more about different types of memberships.

 Choosing a record-keeping system that’s tailor-made for yoga professionals is the best way to eliminate unnecessary stress and provide best care to your students. With Sequence Wiz, organizing your records and producing professional-looking documents can be quick and hassle-free. No more worrying about disorganized notes or messy paperwork! This way, you can focus on what really matters – helping your students heal and grow.

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