Sequence Wiz electronic health records system for yoga therapists

What to include in Electronic Health Records

Why keep records of your private yoga sessions?


The documentation you create and receive in the course of your work with your yoga students provides a written history of your students’ past and present health. It is used to:

  • Determine your students’ challenges and strengths
  • Keep track of your students’ diagnoses, medications, surgeries, and treatments
  • Understand your students’ functioning patterns within each of the five main layers of their systems and across multiple layers
  • Develop an appropriate care plan
  • Set goals
  • Record types of interventions
  • Record students’ response to different types of interventions
  • Evaluate progress
  • Keep track of homework assignments and lifestyle recommendations.

What to include in Electronic Health Records

Traditionally, health records are also used for a wide variety of purposes. As yoga therapy gains more respect and recognition in the healthcare field, some of the following uses might become relevant to yoga therapists as well:
  • Client care management, as a collaboration tool to facilitate continuity of care with other health practitioners
  • Reimbursement, to allow for the billing of insurance companies for yoga therapy services
  • Legal reasons, to fulfill legal documentation requirements if your records get subpoenaed or you are summoned to testify in court
  • Research, to investigate the effectiveness of certain interventions
  • Education, to serve as a teaching tool
  • The client, who by law has access to the information in their health record and might exercise their right to read it.

Ultimately, you cannot remember every detail that each student reports to you and every technique you try out with the student. It helps to keep written notes describing where the student is coming from and where they would like to go. It is also useful to record a brief account of each yoga session to ensure that you stay on track and continue to move toward fulfilling the student’s goals.

In the healthcare field, no activity is ever considered a service that has been provided until the clinical entry is made in the record. In terms of legal and fiscal accountability, “If it’s not written, it did not happen.”