Sequence Wiz electronic health records system for yoga therapists


Here is what our current members are saying ​

I tried out your new student management system, I thought it was amazing. I love that it incorporates helpful handouts and guides, the short practice videos, facility to track payments, and useful intake forms, all of which then get populated onto the system.

Arianna G.

Yoga teacher and therapist

I often write out my yoga practices on a note pad and sometimes just on loose pieces of paper. They are usually messy stick figures with notes beside them. They are often scattered about on my desk, or stuck into a file folder, and misplaced. I’ll use the practice I developed, but often find I lose track of it after I practice it or teach it. Organization is not my strong suit! With Sequence Wiz, I can keep My practices more organized, & easy to find. I can even send a nice & neat cope to my students, rather than my scribbled notes

Ann N.

Yoga teacher and therapist 

SequenceWiz helps me organize my thoughts and plans so that I can best serve my group. I don’t have to start from “scratch”

Marilyn D.

Yoga teacher 

SequenceWiz is very straightforward and great for my purposes!

Kaitlyn M.

Yoga therapist 

I am a big fan of SequenceWiz! I love the Health Records system, as well as all of the articles and other resources you provide. Thank you.

Mikah H.

Yoga teacher

I love that I can create my own sequence, and that I can add my logo. I think that is a really complex to create your own from scratch, I guess is just practice.

Jennyfer B.

Yoga teacher

It looks professional and it is nice to have the option of giving a handout to clients.

Helen P.

Yoga teacher and therapist 

I love the ease of being able to create a class and make adaptations to suite individual needs for individual students, group classes as well as my own personal practice.

Lucia M.

Yoga teacher and therapist 

Stick figures in Sequence Builder generally easy to work with and I can save poses and descriptions to use in other practices.

Nancy H.

Yoga teacher