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Get A+ rated professional and general liability insurance for as low as $0.44 per day from our partner, beYogi. Covering yoga teachers and wellness practitioners in-person, live online and with on-demand video for no additional cost. It’s truly an all-inclusive membership program that comes with premier career protection and discounts on highly-rated yoga products, resources and so much more. [Click here] to use our affiliate link for $20 off the standard rate.

5 Reasons Why beYogi Is One Of The Best Yoga Teacher Insurance Providers (Exclusive Discount)

For almost a decade, beYogi has been a cornerstone in providing exceptional insurance coverage for yoga teachers and professionals. The key to beYogi’s enduring success lies in its steadfast commitment to the very essence of yoga.

Beyond being just an insurance brand, beYogi is a crucial companion in the journey of every yoga professional, delivering both peace of mind and substantial benefits.

So, let’s delve into beYogi’s backstory and explore five compelling reasons why it stands out as a game-changing insurer in the yoga industry.
A Quick History Of beYogi And Online Wellness Insurance
To understand why beYogi is committed to educating yoga teachers in their work, you first have to trace beYogi’s roots back to one of its sister brands, Massage Magazine. Massage Magazine started in the 1980s as a magazine geared toward providing education and other resources for massage therapists and professionals.

Around the mid-2000s, the magazine’s leadership discovered a lack of easily accessible coverage for these often small business owners, as the insurance quoting process in the early days of the Internet was much different than it is today. For starters, most of the insurance process was done entirely offline.

“The way that process worked back then was you’d go to a local agent, fill out a lengthy paper application, they take a couple of weeks, get it underwritten, charging several hundred dollars – and that’s just how it was,” Joe Fagan, Director of Business Development at Gallagher Affinity, explained.

The team at Massage Magazine then decided to develop a new technology that allowed prospective policyholders to apply for a policy on a simple one-page online application without an extensive quoting process. Soon, Massage Magazine became a top wellness insurance provider – with many more brands to follow, with beYogi joining the portfolio of brands in 2015.

“I am in love with beYogi,” Lizzy Prindle, Market Manager for beYogi at Gallagher Affinity, said. “We do a lot of research. We do a lot of work to make sure that what we’re talking about and what we do with partners has value [for policyholders], and it’s not just emails, it’s not just social posts, there is value behind that.”

Just like the other successful health and wellness insurance brands under Gallagher Affinity, beYogi is dedicated to offering clear and precise information to wellness professionals, aiming to simplify insurance by providing comprehensive general and professional liability insurance bundled into one affordable package.

Five Reasons beYogi Offers Great Value For Yoga Teachers

After considering the history of beYogi, it’s no surprise that the yoga insurance brand was built by yogis for yogis.

Here are five reasons why beYogi is the insurance provider of choice for thousands of yoga instructors and professionals across the United States:

beYogi is one of the only yoga business insurance companies that explicitly added yoga therapy to the declarations page and other policy documents. If a yoga therapist had coverage from a different provider and delivered yoga therapy services, there is a chance those services wouldn’t be covered if there was an accident causing the policyholder to use their insurance.

That’s not the case with coverage from beYogi.

John Kepner, former head of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), said in a statement regarding beYogi, “To date, I have not found another liability insurance provider that has implemented this language into their documents or has been willing to confirm coverage publicly and provide this at a competitive price.”

This coverage is some of the best available for yoga teachers, backed by the world’s 4th largest insurance brokerage, Gallagher Affinity, and is rated A+ (Superior) per A.M. Best.

Here are the specific coverage limits that come with every beYogi policy:

Professional and General Liability Policy ($2MM per occurrence/$3MM annual aggregate)
Product Coverage ($2MM)
Personal Injury and Advertising Coverage ($2MM)
Identity Protection Coverage ($25,000)
450+ Covered Modalities (Including Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Acro and SUP Yoga)
Portable Coverage

Yoga instructors can purchase comprehensive coverage for their yoga career for less than $14 monthly (billed annually).

After a quick one-page application process, you can log in to your member portal and immediately access your certificates of insurance (COIs) required to teach at most studios and gyms. Adding additional insureds to your policy is a breeze and only costs $10 per entity.

While your policy protects you in case the worst happens, we also want to offer additional ways to get value from your policy.

Every beYogi policy comes with exclusive discounts on goods and services, such as:

Qualifying Continuing Education Courses
Yoga Products (Mats, Blocks, Bolsters, Activewear, On-Demand Fitness, Royalty-Free Playlists)
Business Expenses (Office Supplies, Hotels, Rental Cars, Computers, Mailing Costs)

The process of how beYogi chooses partners to work with is extensive, seeking only partners that enrich the beYogi member experience.

“When we partner with a company, we also do our vetting to make sure that we are providing the most value to our customers, as well as just creating something fun and engaging,” Prindle said

Great educational content has always been at the core of what beYogi provides to list subscribers and policyholders. Most of beYogi’s resources are available online to anyone; no login or payment required.
These resources are written by some of the biggest and brightest stars in the yoga world, covering topics from sequencing, pose breakdowns, classroom management, and business management.

beYogi Is Your Choice For Yoga Teacher Insurance

The team at beYogi is honored that SequenceWiz selected them as a partner and is excited to provide a great discount on annual yoga insurance policies.

SequenceWiz Members can enjoy $20 off a full-time policy priced at $159 (originally $179) or a part-time policy priced at $139 (originally $159) through your portal with code “sequencewiz.”

SequenceWiz List Subscribers can receive $10 off a full-time policy priced at $169 (originally $179) or a part-time policy priced at $149 (originally $159) by checking out here with code “sequencewiz2.”

“So when a company like SequenceWiz vets us, when they look into what we do, how we do it, the reviews that we get, and then when they want to partner with a brand like us, that tells a story that’s meaningful to us,” said Fagan.

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