Sequence Wiz public forms for external websites

Public forms

Collecting essential information about your new students is now easier than ever! Quickly create a public Intake Form from a template and post it on your own website or the websites of other locations where you teach, add it in your email newsletter, or include it in any other place where new students might find you!  Anybody can fill out the public form, and as soon as they do it, their information will be saved to their newly created Student Profile. 

Public forms are designed to be used on external websites for new students. Every time a public form is filled out, a new Student Profile will be created. Public forms are meant to collect essential information about a new student; once their Student Profile is created, you can send them any of your other forms directly. 

How to make a public form

You can make a public form by duplicating the public form template

How to place a public form on a website

The public form you make from a template will have a link to it in the form description. Copy that link and place it on any website you like.

Can the public form be customized?

Public forms can be partially customized. Every answer to the question in the public form needs to go to an existing text field within a Student Profile. That is why you can delete questions or rephrase them, but you cannot add new ones. 

The answers will show up in the corresponding fields within the Student Profile (example below). Nothing else will be saved. 

How many public forms can you have?

You can create as many public forms as you wish. For example, you might create a public Intake Form for your personal website and call it Website Intake Form. And you might create a separate form for a studio where you teach and call it Intake form for Elements yoga studio

Naming your form precisely is important because the form’s name will be referenced in the new Student Profile that is created from it (example below). 

What happens if a student with an existing profile fills out the public form?

The students are identified by their email addresses. If a student fills out a public form and their email is already associated with an existing Student Profile, new information from the public form will be added to their existing Student Profile. This can create duplicates in the text within their Profile; you can edit it to clean it up at your convenience. 

Make your first public form now!