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When we discuss the therapeutic aspects of yoga practice, we often group them by condition or symptom, such as yoga for osteoporosis, lower back pain, or better sleep. This classification can give us some guidelines on what to look for when a student with that condition shows up, but does it mean that two people with the same condition should do the same practice? Most of the time, the answer is no. To design an effective and meaningful yoga practice, we have to consider many different factors. But how do we know which factors are important in each particular situation?

What factors do you consider when you design yoga practices for your students?

Check out this 3-minute video and detailed PDF handouts below to see real-life examples of students with lower back pain benefitting from different kinds of practices.

As yoga professionals, we benefit greatly from the accumulated experience of yoga therapists who have worked with students one-on-one for many years. Take a peek at the strategies they use to analyze students’ challenges and design customized yoga practices in Real-Life Case Studies. You will see why different things work for different people and how following the client’s lead in this exploration helps us figure out the most effective approach for them.

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