READY FOR VIEWING: Build Relationships to Nurture and Grow Your Yoga Business

In this webinar, Mary talked about building meaningful relationships to help you grow your student base and described different types of organizations and communities you can reach out to. She also discussed identifying the “gatekeepers” who make wellness-related decisions for large groups of people and ways to connect with them.

Mary summarized: “You have a vision; from that vision, you are setting your business goals, and from those business goals, you can determine which groups it makes the most sense to reach out to and with what kind of message. What’s in it for them? Keeping that in mind, it helps to have some things to make networking easier (like specific products or folders with specific information about you). Then, it’s important to pay attention to what turns out to be most effective in your outreach.”

What can you do this month to create a bit more opportunity for yourself? Check out the video to get inspired!

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