Sequence Wiz electronic health records system for yoga therapists

Step 6. Tell your student’s story with SOAP notes

One way to deepen our yoga expertise is to reflect on what had taken place during a yoga class or a private yoga session. How did the student(s) respond? Was your choice of poses and techniques effective? How should you tweak it for next time?

When we sit down to write (or type) our notes about our session with a student, we have an opportunity to process our experience and tell our student’s story. SOAP note format is the most common and the most effective way to do it because it unfolds just like a story, with exposition, the plot, the moral of the story, and the cliffhanger.

Do you take time to reflect on your yoga sessions?

Check out this 3-minute video to see how you can use SOAP notes to better understand your student and become a better yoga teacher/therapist.